ZENRG™ and MAXIMUM ZENRG™ feedback from clients

“I count on the ZENRG program. Daily use of ZENRG helps me get the most out of training rides, combined with show use and MAXIMUM ZENRG, the training holds up for my clients in the ring.These products are essential for my training and competing program!”  Michelle, VA

“We love ZENRG. The calming effect is amazing. Our hot blooded mare has been on stall rest for two months. Thanks to ZENRG we have been able to avoid pharmaceuticals to keep her calm through this difficult period.”  Beth, NE

“ZENRG is a must have when training youngsters. It keeps them focused on learning, and really helps when they start feeling frisky during cooler weather. I say it makes them think it is 90º F instead of 50º F!”  Alexis, VA

testimonials about equinutrix

My mare, Harper, has struggled with daily anxiety for years. She was a starvation case/rescue and struggles with being overwhelmed when her daily routine changes. Since starting ZENRG, she has finally been able to take a deep breathe and relax. She is finally able to focus on the task in front of her instead of worrying about every other horse on the farm. What I love about it is it does not change her enthusiasm to work or her forwardness but allows her to use that enthusiasm for good instead of evil. I have had to treat her less frequently for ulcers since starting ZENRG as it has taken almost all of her anxiety and worry away. It has also allowed her to have days off from work without getting into trouble.”  Courtney, KY


Equifix+ and ZENRG Users

Equifix users

All of these Scottsdale champions use Equifix+ and ZENRG for their competitive edge!

Equifix Arabian

Equifix+ looks good on Lux in Scottdale, AZ!

Starch Guard™ Testimonials

“My warmblood has PSSM and has to maintain a low sugar diet or he absolutely loses his mind. This is especially noticeable in the Spring and Fall as the sugars change in the grass. Starch Guard is  keeping us both safe!” Heather, VA

After a mild winter with an easy keep horse, the grass came in fierce this past Spring adding to his already better than average body condition. With lush fields and half day turn out, I needed a supplement that would work proactively to protect him against metabolic issues. I started on Starch Guard prior to the grass flourishing; with nutritional guidance, a few tweaks to his daily diet, and a consistent training schedule, my horse stayed in the clear and was still able to enjoy his turnout!”   Virginia, MD

“When I first purchased my WelshX pony, Goldie, I was concerned with founder.  She was obese!  Dr. Ashley suggested a weight loss diet, and Starch Guard.  We made it through the Spring with no issues!  Goldie is at a great weight now, and is currently showing.  She will be on Starch Guard for life!” – Hannah, VA


Muscle Refresh™ Testimonials

“We saw results at our first show! S performed great in an extremely competitive field, and both my rider and I agreed that he didn’t seem as tired or ‘worked’ after each ride.”  Bob, VA

“My horse LOVES Muscle Refresh! After 2 weeks on it, we went from running (barrels) 17 to 16.7 sec times!”  Sabrina, Quebec, Canada

“I have been suggesting Muscle Refresh to all of my clients with muscle soreness and tying up issues. What a difference this product has made!”   Dr. Jacques, Quebec, Canada


Equifix+™ Testimonials

“Our pony, M, has Cushing’s and was losing muscle, and looking really old.  Equifix+ helped her with her weight, her coat, and her overall health!” – Liz, VA

“After 3 weeks of feeding Equifix+, our 7 year old mare Violette gain muscular mass, her hair coat was shinier, and her mood more constant. My coach confirmed she was more focused during her training!” – Marine, France

“A large portion of my business centers around repurposing the retired racehorse for the hunter ring. I use Equifix+ on all of my OTTBs to get them looking hunter ring ready!” -Brittany, VA


Gastro-MFR™ Testimonials

“No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get Big C to have consistent, normal poop balls. Instead it would firm up for a day or two and go right back to the runs.  Gastro-MFR has been the only thing to help her stay normal.” – Debbie, FL

“I thought my latest training horse had ulcers which we treated her for, but that didn’t fix the problem.  She wasn’t putting weight on like I would’ve liked, and she pinned her ears when we tacked her up, and her coat started to really decline.  Dr. Ashley thought it might be due to a disturbances in her gut bugs.  After two weeks on Gastro-MFR, I had a different horse!” – Kristin, SC



Gastro-Well™ Testimonials

“At the end of September our veterinarian, who though our horse may be suffering from gastric ulcers, introduced us to Dr. Ashley Wagner and product Gastro-Well. It is because of this introduction that we can share our stallion, HG Esquire+ went from 732 lbs on Sept. 4th, 2017 to 959 lbs of Dec. 20th, 2017 using her product(s). HG Esquire+ had went back to a training barn after being our of work for 10+ years gearing up for our National show. While he was in good weight during the qualifying phase something went very wrong prior to Nationals that caused him to lose an incredible amount of weight and condition. HG Esquire+ was brought home from the training barn directly after our National show. We started him on Gastro-Well September 24th where he safely (key word) gained an average of 25lbs weekly until he peaked then gaining at a slower weekly rate. It is because of the success we have had with Gastro-Well we will continue to feed. We would encourage anyone who is suspect their horse may be suffering from ulcers or other issues to reach out to Dr. Ashley Wagner. She is wonderful to work with and a wealth of knowledge regarding feed stuffs and her products are great! We cannot thank our veterinarian enough for the introduction!” -Robert and Denise, VA

“This ulcer preventative/digestive aid really helped Breezy strive back on her feet. She has gained weight successfully within 4 months with the correct nutrition and this supplement. Thank you so much for introducing your product at Equine Affaire in Massachusetts!” -Averie, VT