• Promotes focus
  • Encourages a relaxed disposition
  • Ideal for anxious horses, competition and training
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ZENRG™ is an aromatic beige powder meant to be top-dressed on your horse’s meal.  This complex blend of essential oils and magnesium provides calming support and focus enhancement.  University research has demonstrated the beneficial effects of ZENRG on mood and stress, and has shown that stress hormone levels are reduced during stressful events when horses consume ZENRG.  Because stress can have a major impact on gut health, which can lead to ulcers and colic, ZENRG also contains yeast culture to support gut health. ZENRG is ideal for horses in training or competition to improve focus, and may reduce mare-ish, stallion-like, and flighty behaviors.  Benefits can be seen immediately and peak within 1 week of use.

Note:  ZENRG is competition safe and contains no prohibitive substances.

“We introduced a mare into my gelding’s field and he lost his mind.  He became very stud-ish, and I was nervous to handle him.  ZENRG brought my gentle B back!”  – Lisa, Horse Owner, VA

“We love ZENRG. The calming effect is amazing. Our hot blooded mare has been on stall rest for two months. Thanks to ZENRG we have been able to avoid pharmaceuticals to keep her calm through this difficult period.”  Beth, NE

Benefits and Uses:

Designed to promote a relaxed disposition, which may help with:

  • Grinding teeth
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Nervous/flighty behavior
  • Stereotypies (i.e. cribbing, weaving, running the fence)
  • Reduced focus on competition

May also help with the effects of long-term stress:

  • Decreased systemic inflammation
  • Decreased susceptibility to disease
  • Fewer metabolic disturbances
  • Improved performance
  • Improved fertility
  • Better milk production

Recommended usage:

Maintenance – 1 scoop per day
Competition or Event Preparation – 2 scoops with morning feeding

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