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ZENRG-C is easily fed to your dog in the form of a delicious peanut-flavored treat.  University research has demonstrated the beneficial effects of ZENRG-C on mood and stress, and has shown that stress hormone levels are reduced during stressful events when dogs consume ZENRG-C.


Dogs unaccustomed to travel were given ZENRG-C prior to a standardized car ride. The frequency of lip-licking (a stress behavior) was significantly lower in dogs given ZENRG-C when compared to controls.

Buff et al., Presented at: The American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition, 18th Annual Clinical Nutrition & Research Symposium, June 13, 2018, Seattle, WA


Each 1.85 lb (0.84 kg) bag contains roughly 80 treats.


Introduction: ZENRG -C is dosed by weight and takes 5 – 7 days of feeding to take full effect.





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ZENRG-C provides your dog daily calming support and focus enhancement via a complex blend of botanical extracts and magnesium.  Recently examined in a formal scientific study, dogs on ZENRG-C had lower cortisol levels, less barking/vocalizing, and lower heart rates than dogs not on the product.

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Weight 2 lbs
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