Muscle Refresh


  • ​Ideal for the performance horse in competition or in training
  • Enhances comfort levels to reduce post-exercise soreness
  • University and clinical research has shown its ability to support exercise recovery and healthy lactic acid levels
  • Targeted ingredients to support muscle repair
  • Contains no prohibited substances


Muscle Refresh allows horses to perform at their best over consecutive days!

Muscle Refresh is a coarse beige powder meant to be top dressed on your horse’s meal. This unique blend of yucca and fenugreek is designed to promote exercise recovery and muscle repair.  University research has evaluated the benefits of Muscle Refresh during training and in competition horses.  Regardless of fitness level, horses consuming Muscle Refresh have reduced lactic acid build up and faster lactic acid recovery following exercise.  Muscle Refresh also reduced post-exercise inflammation, and lowered post-exercise muscle soreness making Muscle Refresh is ideal for horses in competition or training.  Give your horse the competitive edge with Muscle Refresh!

​Note:  Muscle Refresh is competition safe and contains no prohibitive substances.

Muscle Refresh Testimonials
“We saw results at our first show!  S performed great in an extremely competitive field, and both my rider and I agreed that he didn’t seem as tired or ‘worked’ after each ride.” -Bob, Breeder, VA
“I have been suggesting Muscle Refresh to all of my clients with muscle sorenss and tying up issues. What a difference this product has made!”   Dr. Jacques, Quebec, Canada
Benefits and Uses:
  • Encourages muscle recovery
  • Reduces muscle soreness and tightness
  • Can easily be make in to a paste
Recommended usage:
Maintenance – 1 cup per day
Competition or Event Prep – 3 cups per day for 5 days leading up to event

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