Muscle Refresh Liniment


  • Helps relieve inflammation and provide comfort
  • Ideal for use on muscles and legs
  • Botanical formula gentle enough for daily use on sensitive skin
  • For use in horses and dogs
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Designed to topically provide comfort and relieve inflammation.

The botanical formula is gentle enough for daily use on sensitive skin, and is ideal for use on muscles and legs. A unique combination of peppermint, tea tree, thyme, and clove botanical extracts may help ease aches and discomfort caused by training and competition and support a normal recovery time following strenuous activity.

Benefits and uses:

  • Helps relieve inflammation
  • Spray bottle for easy application
  • Ideal for use on muscles and legs

Directions for use:

Shake well before using. Spray directly to desired area (muscles, legs, soles of the hoof, and along the coronary band) before and after exercise. Can be used with or without wraps, under tack, and with magnets. The spray is both horse and dog friendly.


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