• Promotes gastrointestinal health
  • Regulates the gut microflora
  • Ideal for all horses
  • Show and competition safe
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Promote gastrointestinal health through MicroFlora Regulation!

Gastro-MFR™ is an aromatic powder designed to be top-dressed. This complex blend of prebiotics, yeast culture, spices, and essential oils supports gastrointestinal health through MicroFlora Regulation.  University research has demonstrated the beneficial effects of Gastro-MFR on the gut microbiome.  In addition to promoting a favorable environment for the helpful microbial species, Gastro-MFR limits the growth of pathogenic strains. Gastro-MFR is ideal for all horses needing extra gastrointestinal support.


“No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get Big C to have consistent, normal poop balls. Instead it would firm up for a day or two and go right back to the runs.  Gastro-MFR has been the only thing to help her stay normal.” – Debbie, FL

“I thought my latest training horse had ulcers which we treated her for, but that didn’t fix the problem.  She wasn’t putting weight on like I would’ve liked, and she pinned her ears when we tacked her up, and her coat started to really decline.  Dr. Ashley thought it might be due to a disturbances in her gut bugs.  After two weeks on Gastro-MFR, I had a different horse!” – Kristin, SC

​Note: Gastro-MFR is competition safe and contains no prohibitive substances.

Equinutrix Nutrition has conducted university research on Gastro-MFR to demonstrate the full benefit of use. Read more…

Benefits and Uses:
  • Supports gastrointestinal health
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Encourages a healthy environment for the gut microbiome
Recommended usage:

Maintenance and growing horses: 1 scoop (14 g) per day
During gestation and lactation: 2 scoops per day


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