Fly Shield


  • Perfect for all horses bothered by flies and other pests
  • Comprehensive formula helps deter biting insects
  • Contains no prohibited substances
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Designed to help protect your horse from biting insects!

Fly Shield is an aromatic beige powder designed to be top-dressed. This unique combination of botanical oils, fenugreek, and yeast culture is designed to help deter biting insects. The powerful blend of eucalyptus, peppermint, garlic, citronella, and anise oils combine to help make your pasture peaceful again!

Scientific research has evaluated the benefits of Fly Shield to help deter biting insects. In warm weather conditions, Fly Shield prevented 25-30% of flies from landing…Read more.

Benefits and uses:

  • Can be used when upcoming weather conditions are conducive for fly and other insect growth
  • Ideal when the activity or number of biting insects is harmful to your horse
  • Helps deter biting insects

Recommended usage:

Maintenance: 1 scoop per day (20g) per horse
Note: Fly Shield is competition safe and contains no prohibited substances.



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