Fiber Power


  • Ideal for all horses
  • Supported increased forage digestibility in a university trial
  • Encourages microbial function and supports digestive health
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Give your hay more power with Fiber Power!

Use Fiber-Power to help your horse get the most out of its forage! University research has demonstrated the beneficial effects of Fiber-Power on the activity of organisms in the equine hindgut and their ability to digest forages. Tested with forages of varying quality, including tall fescue, timothy, and alfalfa hays, Fiber-Power was able to improve the activity of the microbiota of the equine hindgut, which could improve the digestibility of lower quality forages.

Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions has conducted university research on the effects of Fiber Power on forage digestion and microbial activity. Read more… 

Benefits and uses:

  • Encourages gastrointestinal health
  • Supports enhanced microbial fermentation by supplying the microflora with necessary cofactors
  • Designed to help your horse manage microbial imbalances that may be caused by limited grazing, low quality forage, and high concentrate feeding

Recommended dosage:

For horses consuming low or poor quality forage: feed 1-2 scoops daily.

For daily maintenance: feed 1 scoop per day.


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