• Feed fortifier
  • Easy to feed pellets
  • Ideal for horses needing a little extra
    • Hardkeepers
    • Growing horses
    • Senior horses
    • Performance horses


Fix your feed with Equifix+™ equine feed fortifier

  • Complex blend of amino acids to encourage muscle development
  • Pre- and Pro-biotics to support digestive health
  • Plant-based antioxidants to help reduce oxidative stress
  • Fatty acids to support skin and coat health

University trials with Equifix+ have shown a reduction in inflammation and enhanced metabolism and muscle growth. This tasty pellet is meant to be top-dressed onto your horse’s meal. It can be fed as a single serving or split across meals. Due to the volume fed, it is recommended to introduce gradually over the course of at least a week. Most owners have seen a difference in their horse within a month.


“Our retired girl has Cushing’s, and she went all fall without her medication.  When she came back home her levels tested by the vet, which were uncharacteristically high for her.  We put her back on meds and tried Equifix+ starting in late Winter. When our vet came back in Spring, said we need to lower the dose of her meds, because they are the lowest they have ever been since M was diagnosed with Cushing’s.  We couldn’t be happier!” – Liz, Horse Owner, VA

“After 3 weeks of feeding Equifix+, our 7 year old mare Violette gained muscular mass, her hair coat was shinier, and her mood more constant.  My coach confirmed she was more focused during her training!”
– Marine, Eventer, France

“I had a foal that was just sickly.  We tried everything.  His coat was terrible, he wasn’t growing.  I just didn’t know what to do.  Dr. Ashley let us try Equifix+.  This doesn’t even look like the same foal.  It’s amazing!”
– Alexis, Breeder, VA

​Note: Equifix+ is competition safe and contains no prohibitive substances.

Equinutrix Nutrition has completed university research on Equifix+ to demonstrate the full benefit of use. Read more…

Benefits and Uses:
  • Supports muscle growth and development
  • Encourages a healthy topline
  • Promotes a healthy gut and digestion
  • Encourages a healthy, shiny coat
  • Easy to feed pellet
Recommended usage:

Maintenance – 100g per day for growing horses, 200g per day for mature or older horses


Additional information

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