Product Research

At Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions we are committed to creating the best products – that are proven to work!

In each product section you may find and download published papers, scientific posters, and abstracts, which will provide you with in-depth information on what goes into our products on a regular basis. Check back for new publications, as our lead nutritionist and product developer are always working on new peer-reviewed information.


ZENRGZENRG and MAXIMUM ZENRG naturally reduce the stress message in your horse, resulting in a less reactive and calmer performance.

Because reactions begin in the olfactory system, Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions products are fast acting. As your horse smells ZENRG, calming messages are sent to the areas of the brain involved in emotions, anxiety and pleasure. When your horse ingests ZENRG or MAXIMUM ZENRG , the relaxing molecules are absorbed, further stimulating these areas, and manipulating neurotransmitters naturally through reducing the degradation of endocannabinoids in the synaptic cleft of neurons. This result has a double effect on calming!

With more endocannabinoids, the transmitted stress message is less intense. This leads to horses being less effected by stress and leaving them able to focus on their job!

ZENRG research

1.  Val-Laillet, D., P. Meurice, and C. Clouard. 2016. Familiarity to a feed additive modulates its effects on brain responses in reward and memory regions in the pig model. PLoS ONE 11(9):e0162660.
2.  Clouard, C., M. Meuneir-Salaun, and D. Val-Laillet. 2012. The effects of sensory functional ingredients on food preferences, intake and weight gain in juvenile pigs. Applied Anim. Behav. Sci. 138:36-46.
3.  Brown, J., D. Beaulieu, and Y. Seddon. 2016. On-farm assessment of D1222 on aggressive behaviors and stress. BAMF. In Press.

“I love the fast acting, settling response MAXIMUM ZENRG gives my horse when we are on the raod at a busy show ground. I know I can count on this product to keep him just as easy and quiet as he is at home!” – Hannah, VA



Starch Guard’s unique formulation benefits the horse in four ways:
1. Creating a healthy environment for gut microflora
2. Reducing inflammation associated with starch consumption
3. Improving insulin metabolism
4. Reducing the potential for a laminitic episode

Starch Guard provides nutrients to the microflora to increase the conversion of lactate (a strong acid produced by the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract when starch and sugar is consumed by the horse) into propionate (a weaker acid), and to buffer the hindgut. Because of this healthier environment created by STARCH GUARD, less toxins are produced, thus preventing a leaky gut, and inhibiting a rise in inflammation. Starch Guard does as it’s name implies… GUARD’s YOUR HORSE AGAINST THE DAMAGING EFFECTS OF STARCH CONSUMPTION.

With the use of Starch Guard, toxins and inflammation are not produced when starch and sugars are consumed which can allow for improved insulin metabolism.

Starch guard

1. Suagee, J.K, R.K. Splan, K.L. Swyers, R.J. Geor, and B.A. Corl. 2015. Effects of High-Sugar and High-Starch Diets on Postprandial Inflammatory Protein Concentrations in Horses. JEVS. 35:191-197
2. Suagee-Bedore, J.K., A.L. Wagner, and I.D. Girard. 2016. Feeding DigestaWell Buffer to horses neutralizes the effects of high starch diets on blood pH and inflammation. Joint Animal Sciences Meeting. Salt Lake City, UT.
3. Suagee-Bedore, J.K. A.L. Wagner, and I.D. Girard. 2017. Validation of the Postprandial Interleukin-1b Response in Horses Using Equine-Specific Antibodies. JEVS. 48:69-72.
4. Delano, K.M., B.J. McIntosh, J.K. Suagee-Bedore, K.L. Kaufman, S.M. Ghajar, A.L. Wagner, and I.D. Girard. 2017. Feeding DigestaWell Buffer to overconditioned horses mitigates the effects of rapidly introduced nonstructural carbohydrate. JEVS. 52:80.

“D usually struggles through the Spring and Fall with her weight, and we have had issues in the past with founder.  This past Spring she broke into the feed room and ate nearly ¾ of a bag of grain.  I was panicked!  I gave her a little extra Starch Guard and she never foundered!  I am in love with this product!” -Ashley, KY


Muscle Refresh was developed to target the exercising muscle to encourage recovery and reduce soreness. Regardless of fitness, Muscle Refresh protects against the effects of exercise by:
1. Reducing lactic acid buildup
2. Enhancing lactic acid clearance
3. Reducing exercise associated inflammation
4. Reducing muscle soreness and tightness

1. Wagner, A.L., R.K. Splan, J.K. Bedore-Suagee, and I.D. Girard. 2016. Dietary supplementation of DigestaWell NRG to unconditioned Warmblood mares may reduce lactate rise following exercise. Joint Animal Sciences Meeting. Salt Lake City, UT.
2. Shen, Y., S. Poor, J.K. Suagee-Bedore, K.B. Wimbush, Shen et al., 2017 Impacts of DigestaWell NRG supplementation on post-exercise muscle soreness. JEVSA.L. Wagner, and I.D. Girard. 2017. Impacts of DigestaWell NRG supplementation on post-exercise muscle soreness. JEVS. 52:69.

“I have been suggesting Muscle Refresh to all of my clients with muscle soreness and tying up issues. What a difference this product has made!” –Dr. Jacques, Quebec, Canada



Equifix+ is a feed fortifier to enhance your current feed program in four key areas:
1. Encourage muscle and topline development with a complex blend of amino acids
2. Support digestive health with pre- and probiotics
3. Reduce oxidative stress with plant-based antioxidants
4. Support skin and coat health with omega 3 fatty acids and coconut oil

The unique formulation of Equifix+ is ideal for hard keepers or if you want to enhance your topline.  Low grade chronic inflammation associated with aging and obesity is partially responsible for muscle loss.  Inflammation alters the function of the signaling pathways involved in protein synthesis and insulin metabolism.  Therefore, simply supplying more protein will not fix your topline or muscle loss issue.  In addition to the correct blend of amino acids, the inflammation issue must also be addressed.  After 30 days on Equifix+, geriatric horses had less inflammation, improved insulin metabolism and prolonged consumption mitigated winter weight loss.


1. Siard, M.H., Wagner, A.L., Médina, B., Girard, I.D., and Adams, A.A.  2015. Effects of the novel feed additive Phytozen on immune and endocrine function in senior horses. JEVS 35: 414.

“After 3 weeks of feeding Equifix+, our 7 year old mare Violette gained muscular mass, her hair coat was shinier, and her mood more constant. My coach confirmed she was more focused during her training too!” -Marine, France




Promote gastrointestinal health through MicroFlora Regulation:
1. Support digestive health with pre- and probiotics
2. Stimulate a healthy environment for beneficial gut microbes
3.  Encourages an environment with less pathogenic microbes

Our most recent university partnered trial showed the sensitivity of pathogenic microbes to Gastro-MFR.

“I thought my latest training horse had ulcers which we treated her for, but that didn’t fix the problem.  She wasn’t putting weight on like I would’ve liked, and she pinned her ears when we tacked her up, and her coat started to really decline.  Dr. Ashley thought it might be due to a disturbances in her gut bugs.  After two weeks on Gastro-MFR, I had a different horse!” – Kristin, SC


Gastro-Well™ Product Research

Gastro-Well was developed to encourage gastrointestinal health in horses under stress:
1. Helps regulate stomach acid production
2. Provides a buffer against highly acidic stomach conditions
3. Aids in promoting a healthy appetite and body condition

Ongoing preliminary clinical trials have shown that horses consuming Gastro-Well demonstrate decreased ulcer severity after two weeks. After four weeks, no ulcers were detected in horses treated with Gastro-Well.

“At the end of September our veterinarian, who though our horse may be suffering from gastric ulcers, introduced us to Dr. Ashley Wagner and product Gastro-Well. It is because of this introduction that we can share our stallion, HG Esquire+ went from 732 lbs on Sept. 4th, 2017 to 959 lbs of Dec. 20th, 2017 using her product(s). HG Esquire+ had went back to a training barn after being our of work for 10+ years gearing up for our National show. While he was in good weight during the qualifying phase something went very wrong prior to Nationals that caused him to lose an incredible amount of weight and condition. HG Esquire+ was brought home from the training barn directly after our National show. We started him on Gastro-Well September 24th where he safely (key word) gained an average of 25lbs weekly until he peaked then gaining at a slower weekly rate. It is because of the success we have had with Gastro-Well we will continue to feed. We would encourage anyone who is suspect their horse may be suffering from ulcers or other issues to reach out to Dr. Ashley Wagner. She is wonderful to work with and a wealth of knowledge regarding feed stuffs and her products are great! We cannot thank our veterinarian enough for the introduction!” -Robert and Denise, VA


Fiber-Power™ Product Research

Support gastrointestinal and digestive health with Fiber-Power

1. Supports enhanced microbial fermentation by supplying the equine microflora with necessary cofactors

2. Designed to help horses manage microbial imbalances caused by a variety of common nutritional management practices

Fiber-Power was developed to help horses manage microbial imbalances that may be caused by nutritional management practices of horse owners, including limited grazing, low quality forage, high concentrate meal feeding, and abrupt dietary changes. These practices can make it difficult for many horses to meet their energy requirements from forage sources alone; however, starch overload from increased concentrate feeding can lead to microbial disturbances. Therefore, the ability to increase forage digestibility may allow for a partial reduction in starch-rich concentrates in the diet. From an economical standpoint, the ability to use lower quality forages with an enhanced nutritional plane could be highly cost effective. In a university trial, Fiber-Power increased the Dry Matter Digestibility (DMD) of all forages tested at 48 hours after incubation, including Tall Fescue, Timothy, and Alfalfa.


  1. Wagner, A.L., Bill, V., Lawrence, L., and Girard, I.D. 2017. In Vitro dry matter digestibility of forages incubated with DigestaWell Fiber. JEVS 52: 93. 


Fly Shield™ Product Research

Why keep flies away?

Discomfort suffered by animals faced with a large number of flies and other biting insects can lead to avoidance behaviors, skin irritation, and allergic reactions that decrease equine health and well-being.

The use of botanical oils has been shown to impact the behavior of a large number of insects by repelling or causing an “anti-appetizing” effect (the horses like it, but the bugs don’t!). This unique blend of eucalyptus, garlic, citronella, peppermint, and anise oils has been proven to help reduce fly counts.