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Equinutrix Takes on Equitana USA 2021

Equitana Logo at the Kentucky Horse Park
Dr. Wagner on the main stage
The Equinutrix booth at Equitana
Customers could get advice from Dr. Wagner about feed & supplements for their horses.
The enthusiasm of the audience was fantastic!

The Equinutrix tTeam attended the world’s
largest meeting place and trade fair of the equestrian industry, Equitana USA, this past weekend at Lexington Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.. Equitana is a worldwide event that
promotes education, information, and products to be shared and exchanged throughout the equine industry’s professionals, amateurs, and hobbyists.

While at their first Equitana event, Lead PhD equine nutritionist and Equinutrix founder, Dr. Ashley Wagner, and the Equinutrix team not only had the pleasure of having a booth set up to promote and sell products, but also had the opportunity for Dr. Wagner to share her years of research and expertise as an invited speaker. She spoke on two very important and critical topics in the equine community; “Feeding for Metabolic Health” on Saturday, and “The Aging Horse: Feeding for Life” on Sunday, to a masked crowd of inquisitive horse owners.

“The population of both metabolic and geriatric horses in the US is high”, Dr. Wagner said, which encouraged great attendance in each seminar.  In the first seminar about the metabolic horse, she spoke about key points regarding how to recognize obesity, which can be a cause of Equine Metabolic Syndrome, as well as how to manage a metabolic horse in the pasture, and which types of hay and grain would be best suited for metabolic sensitivity. With this successful seminar, one of the most popular products of the weekend from the Equinutrix product line was Starch Guard. Since Equine Metabolic Syndrome is an unfortunately common issue in horses, this product was in high demand..

Next up was “The Aging Horse: Feeding for Life” about geriatric horses and how to manage them. Dr. Wagner remarked on how  it can be difficult at times to support and maintain the geriatric horse and what to look for in different types of feed and nutrition. When asked if Dr. Wagner felt if there was anything the audience had a lack of knowledge of, she reported that when she asked about inflammaging, only one person raised their hand. She went on to educate the audience further about this topic considering her surprise when not many people had heard about it.

Everyone at Equinutrix is very pleased with how this year’s Equitana USA went and are eager for exciting things to be brought to the event next year. You can learn more about all of the products and reach out directly for further information on our website: