About Us

Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions

Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions, LLC, is a specialized equine supplement company that is dedicated to creating products that have scientific evidence of efficacy to promote the overall health and well-being in horses.

Our highly in-demand products were the outcome of what our founder, Dr. Ashley Wagner, saw as a need for the equine industry: natural, clinically proven, safe, and effective products.  Her love for horses and the industry is what led her to pursue animal science B.S. and M.S. degrees at Virginia Tech, and ultimately, a Ph.D. in equine nutrition at the University of Kentucky.  Dr. Ashley founded Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions to meet the needs of the horse and their owners in a safe and scientifically proven way.  Countless hours are spent working with clinical nutritionists, veterinarians, and academic equine scientists in order to create and test each product in this line.  The products of Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions begin functioning at the molecular level to enhance your horses’ physiology and metabolism.  All of the Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions products are show and competition safe.

Dr Ashley Wagner

Because your horses’ health and well-being are at the center of everything Equinutrix Nutrition Solutions does, you can speak directly with Dr. Ashley to discuss the product line and your horses’ overall nutrition program.  As the latest scientific research is always expanding, Dr. Ashley attends the majority of the national scientific nutrition meetings for animals and horses and will share some of the latest findings with you in the Technical Research section.


Dr. Ashley Wagner